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Mr. B. Jayaweera - Potter ( Hambantota District )

“ With these loans we have been able to start a new business ...”

Successful Entrepreneur - HambantotaBuffalo curd from Hambantota is reputed to be the best in Sri Lanka. An essential component is the traditional clay pot the curd is made in.

“My son started making clay curd pots in 2004,” Mr. Jamis says. His 25-year-old son Mr. Jayaweera, is the third generation of potters in his family. He decided to concentrate on curd pot production as he recognized the demand for them in his district. Using natural clay from a nearby lake, he has ample supplies of free raw material, but must pay two workers to extract it. After small business training with Agro Micro Finance’s partner Agromart, he used a loan of Rs.25,000 in 2005 and a second loan of Rs. 100,000 in 2006 to set up his business. He also became Chairman of his local production society.

Mr. Jayaweera’s whole family has benefited from the additional business. With his younger sister’s help, Mr. Jayaweera can produce up to 800 pots a week. “With about Rs. 10,000 extra a month we have been able to make many improvements to our lives,” his father says, “we’ve built a new drying room, expanded the house and repaired the ceiling. Without these loans, we would not have been able to afford a new business.”

Mr. Jayaweera is a client of Agro Micro Finance.

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Successful Entrepreneur - HambantotaSuccessful Entrepreneur - Hambantota
Successful Entrepreneur - HambantotaSuccessful Entrepreneur - Hambantota

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